About Us
Founded by Ben Garthus, GardenHaus is an award-winning creative agency specializing in packaging design and branding for the food and beverage industry. We have worked with a broad range of companies from global CPG brands like General Mills, Nestlé and Unilever to small-batch artisanal brands making waves in the foodscape. GardenHaus is uniquely positioned to refresh and reinvigorate established brands or to take young brands to the next level.
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Our Story
In 2014, I helped my wife Chitra launch Brooklyn Delhi, an artisanal Indian condiments line for which I created the brand identity and packaging design.
Through my wife, I met several other food entrepreneurs in Brooklyn and realized many were struggling to find experienced food packaging designers without having to hire a large-scale CPG creative agency. With almost two decades in the industry and the ability to provide a more personalized and collaborative approach, I realized I could be the solution.
Since launching GardenHaus, I have successfully created compelling designs for numerous brands now selling at major retailers from Whole Foods to Costco, while also bolstering my own passion for design. I feel extremely proud and fortunate everyday to be working with clients who are at the forefront of the good food movement. I am committed to serving this community and  I am a resident mentor to food entrepreneurs affiliated with the following organizations: Chobani Incubator, Pilotworks, Evergreen and The Good Food Mercantile Guild.

Ben Garthus
Principal & Creative Director